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Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

FAQ smashingly gorgeous

Am I applying the Body Lotion Bar correctly and can I use it if my skin isn't wet?

 First of all if you've never used lotion in solid form before, then perhaps it seems a little confusing, but we promise you it's so easy. Since it's applied to wet skin, it won't feel or look the same as applying regular water based lotions.  Keep it in the shower and use after you've washed and rinsed, but before you dry. Try not to apply lotion too heavily thinking you'll get better results, because the beauty of this bar is that a small amount goes a very long way. Swipe the lotion along arms, legs and torso, then massage all over your body. Be sure to include those droplets of water on your skin as well. Only a small amount is needed.  Once you have massaged the lotion in and gently pat yourself dry with a towel you will instantly see how soft, moisturized and supple your skin feels and that feeling will last.

Can i use it on my skin if it isn't wet?

Absolutely, if that's what works best for you. 

While we created the body lotion bar to be used on wet skin for maximum absorption, it could still be used on dry skin if there are areas you feel need a little extra love. Just apply a cheeky swipe along areas needing more attention, then massage thoroughly into your skin.

Honestly, play around with it and see what works best for you. This really is an amazing product that moisturizes really well.

The Face Lotion Bar is also used on clean, freshly washed wet skin by swiping lightly over forehead, cheeks and neck, them massage along with those little droplets of water on your face. If you are just washing your face over the sink then we suggest that after cleansing and rinsing you gently pat away the excess water so you're still wet, but not dripping water, then apply lotion bar to forehead, cheeks, chin and neck (again, a little goes a long way) massage in to skin and your done! 

It's different, but trust us when we say it's so simple. Once you've done it once you'll have the hang of it and your skin will feel soooooo good!        

How long will your products last?

Everything in the Smashingly Gorgeous line is priced and packaged to last  2 -3 months, sometimes longer, with the  exception of the Body Lotion Bars which last approximately one month (we would have made those larger but, honestly, we just couldn't find a cute enough package in a larger size for those). We chose to sell all our other products in a larger supply, because we want to offer you free shipping without having to raise prices.

Shelf Life ~ since we don't use any synthetic preservatives, our products are freshly made and good for one year from date of purchase.

Can I use the Body Lotion Bar on my face as well?

The short answer is no..  The body lotion bars contain Shea butter. Whilst Shea butter is an incredibly good moisturizer for most of your skin, it's rich, creamy consistency can be comedogenic (which is just a fancy word for "it can clog your pores"). Not to worry though as we've got you covered with our fabulous Face Lotion Bar, Super C Serum and Super Seed Night Serum, all made without any butters and chock full of a special blend of anti aging ingredients which are perfect for your face.

Are your products organic and cruelty free?

Every single ingredient used in our products has been consciously and cautiously wild crafted or is organic and that will never change. We're a completely cruelty free company, from the ingredients used in our formulas, to everything used to clean the work space after creating a batch of  Smashingly Gorgeous Raw Beauty products. The bees who provide us with luscious, rich beeswax live freely and are loved, cared for and protected. They are not harmed, hungry or displaced during the extraction of the wax, nor at any other time. We've worked hard to source all of our ingredients from companies who are as passionate as we are about where their ingredients come from and we always remain diligent about making sure the quality remains the same high standard it is now and that they remain ethically sourced. That's our promise to you.

When will my order ship?

We do our best to prepare and ship your orders immediately. However, since we are a small company and we do hand craft our products in small batches, when demands are high it may take up to 5 days before we ship your order.