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Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.Smashingly Gorgeous. Superfoods for your skin.

The ingredients. Their purpose.

Herbs, ethically sourced beeswax, seeds and butters. These are the only ingredients you'll find in our skin care products.

We use nothing synthetic, nothing toxic and no nasty chemicals. Each ingredient has a purpose and has been included, because of the specific benefits it has on your skin, helping to restore it to the healthiest it can be.

Plants offer us all the best nutrients, not just when we eat them, but also when we apply them on our skin and our unique combination of ingredients penetrates deep down, delivering restorative nutrients and whole food nourishment right where it's needed.


Shea butter which is highly moisturizing, with high concentrations of fatty acids. Perfect for dry, thirsty skin. 


Cold pressed oils from organic seeds chosen for their restorative and anti aging properties. 


 Plants grown organically and wild crafted for their nutrient dense benefits. 


Beeswax to help create a barrier between your skin and the harsh environment. This golden goodness locks in moisture, without clogging pores. 


(By the way, the bees which provide their beeswax are loved and protected year round. They are never harmed, hungry or displaced.) 


Our Founder/Formulator

Hi, I'm Sam,

After going head to head with cancer not once, but twice (2 completely different unrelated cancers spanning 29 years apart) I have spent the last decade ridding my life of the vast amount of toxins I realized I was subjecting myself to on a daily basis, from breathing in chemical laden cleaning products, eating processed foods and slathering my skin daily from head to toe with products made with harsh, synthetic ingredients. Trying to find skincare made entirely of ingredients that came from nature, without any unnecessary junk or "nasties" that were also  affordable, was actually ridiculously hard.  As a passionate, certified master herbalist, who understands the mighty power of plants and is completely and utterly in awe of it, I set out on a mission to create my own. Plants offer us many beautiful gifts, one of them being powerful alternatives to the many synthetic ingredients used today.  I've humbly and graciously accepted these gifts and have used them to create products that provide the skin with the essential nutrients it needs to flourish. No fancy gimmicks, no fake promises, just ingredients that are proven to work, which have been carefully combined in the perfect combinations to leave you with healthy, happy, glowing skin.



Our mission.

Since skin is the largest organ in the integumentary system and works full time as a guard, protecting our bones, muscles and internal organs, we believe it's really important to take care of it. Most of us are so careful when it comes to choosing what food we put in to our bodies, so why not be just as careful in our choices of what we put on to our skin? Once you begin a regular routine of feeding your skin with the nutrients it needs on the inside AND the outside, you will notice a brighter, clearer, much healthier complexion. 

Here at SG Raw Beauty we embrace all skin types, we even love what YOU may consider to be "imperfections". Cosmetic companies all over the world have spent decades trying to convince us that we are imperfect, flawed and need to be fixed. Many of us have believed them and look in the mirror and see only what we think is wrong and tell ourselves "I would look better if ..." That mantra needs to end now! You are already beautiful, just as you are, we just want to empower you to get your skin healthy.  There is nothing more beautiful then healthy skin.


Our skincare is water free and is packed with powerful herbs. We like to think of our products as a super food smoothie in a concentrated shot, loaded with everything your skin needs to help it stay in optimum health, thus allowing your natural radiance to shine through.


We use only the finest organic or wild crafted ingredients nature has to offer. We infuse many of our own oils with wild crafted or organic herbs and we purchase beeswax, nut butters and rich cold pressed oils from other small family businesses who are just as dedicated to offering an exceptional standard of ethically sourced products. Every single one of these ingredients has been consciously chosen and combined in just the right amounts in order to produce the very best results.